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SDG-Challenge - Applied Sciences

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The mission of the SDG-Challenge is to connect and mobilize students and organisations to work together on these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

Ten teams of ten Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences team up with a leading company to work together on a SDG-Challenge of the company.

During the challenge, you and your team consisting of (international) students with mixed backgrounds will work on creating a solution for your organization’s SDG-Challenge. The goal is to come up with a solution that not only impacts your company, but also the sector as a whole and the SDGs. In order to ensure a practical approach, Soapbox developed the ‘SDG pressure cooker’. By following this method, the teams will go from the initial challenge to actual tangible and actionable ideas in a short period of time. To ensure a smooth progression, Soapbox will guide the participants in this process.

During the final, all teams will present their solution in front of a professional jury. The team with the biggest potential impact wins!

SDG-Challenge UAS is a platform of Soapbox and aims to trigger students to pursue a career in making the world more future-proof and to make organisations use the solutions to “sustainalize” their businesses

Business partners & teams & universities of applied sciences

What SDG-Challenge are the companies and student consultant teams working on? Check it out below!

Universities of Applied Sciences

Business Partners

SDG-Challenge Applied Sciences Map

Agro & Food

Bèta technique



Social Studies



SDG-Challenge is a concept of Soapbox B.V., partnered by Impact Hub Amsterdam and organized with the Universities of Applied Sciences Netherlands.

Vereniging Hogescholen

How it works

UAS SDG-Challenge is a concept by Soapbox aiming to activate participating Universities of Applied Sciences and organizations to critically think about present-day sustainability topics and take action together.

1. Registration phase
Dec - Jan 2022

  • Application of participants and formation of interdisciplinary student consultant teams
  • Application deadline for students: Monday 31st of January

2. Kick Off:
16th of February 2022

  • Getting familiar with the SDG’s
  • Celebratory moment to meet the organizations & getting familiar with your team’s challenge

3. SDG Sprint Days:
February - March 2022

  • UAS teams work with business partner on the SDG-Challenge through “pressure-cooker”
  • UAS movement teams work with the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (AUAS) on incorporating the SDGs within education

4. Testing Phase

  • Testing the feasibility of your idea using quantitative / qualitative methods

5. Final @
21st of April 2022

  • Pitch your idea in front of a professional jury

Jury & Criteria

Teams will be evaluated by an expert jury

Throughout the challenge, teams are encouraged to develop their ideas into realistic and well-founded solutions with a goal of creating a better future. Integrated elements in the final evaluation will be: short and long-term impact on the SDGs, innovativeness and originality, sustainability, technical feasibility, scalability and economic viability.

2020 Jury

Sandra Pellegrom, head of jury:

Collaboration is essential if we want to make the transition to a more just and sustainable world.


Want to know more about the SDG-Challenge?

Please contact us at: organisation@sdg-challenge.com

SDG-Challenge is a concept of Soapbox B.V., partnered by Impact Hub Amsterdam Copyright © Soapbox B.V. 2009-2022
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